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Equations in Blogger

To install this script within Blogger, follow these instructions:

  • First Log in to Blogger: http://www.blogger.com
  • Then choose Layout from drop-down list menu underneath the "More Options" button.:


  • Within the 'Manage Blogs' section, select 'Design', to get:


  • On the right side, click 'Add a Gadget', to get:

    add a gadget

  • Scroll down and select 'HTML/Javascript', to get:


  • Before entering the following text, make sure that you are in 'Edit HTML' mode(you are in that mode when that 'Rich Text' title is showed in upper right corner), enter the following text into the 'Content' area:
    <script src="https://latex.oncodecogs.com/latexit.php?p&li&div"></script>
  • Now select 'Save' and exit.

This script will only convert equations that it finds within paragraphs, defined in HTML with <p>...</p>, <li>...</li> and <div>...</div> elements. This list can be extended by adding other element lists to the end of the script url.

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